Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you going out of network with CIGNA?

CIGNA has made the decision to reduce our reimbursement for dental treatment significantly for all procedures. The reductions were in the range of 25-50% across the board. Our office attempted to negotiate the fee changes, but CIGNA was unwilling to negotiate.

With the increased costs of supplies, labor, and equipment due to the pandemic, accepting these fee adjustments are non-sustainable.

If your employer offered you a 25-50% pay cut for doing the same work, would you accept it?

When does this take affect?

We will be officially out-of-network as of December 1, 2021.

What does this mean for the patient?

Our team is dedicated to offering you the best care with no shortcuts or compromises. This will not change.

For routine preventative care, most patients will see no increased costs.

For those that need treatment, there may be an increase in your copays. Your copay amount is based on the treatment that is needed and the policy chosen by your employer. We can send pre-authorization to your insurance company to get an accurate estimate of cost.

Does this mean we cannot see you anymore?

No, most PPO plans offer out-of-network benefits, so your insurance company will still reimburse us for your visits.

Do I have to change my insurance company to see you?

No, you may continue to use CIGNA if you choose. These plans offer out-of-network benefits, any they will still reimburse us for your visits.

Should I switch insurance companies? Which insurance company should I switch to?

This decision will vary for each individual family based on their specific circumstances. If you have specific questions about an insurance policy, we would be happy to try to answer them for you.

What insurance companies/networks are you still in-network with?

Delta Dental Premier, CareFirst BC/BS Traditional, UnitedHealthcare, Lincoln, and Guardian