Comfort and Technology

Latest dental technology at your service

Dr. Tran and his team go out of their way to make you feel as comfortable as possible at their Laurel, MD office. They work quickly and efficiently, using the latest dental technology and amenities, including:

ADEC-500 Dental Chairs

No compromises on the most important chair in the office. Our dental chairs provide the ultimate comfort for our patients. With soft leather finishes and through the science of pressure mapping, the chair’s unique cushioning system reduces pressure points and provides comfortable support across the patient’s entire body.

Patient Entertainment

Although looking into your dentist’s eyes can be comforting, you can only look into another’s eyes for so long before it becomes awkward. We provide a variety of entertainment options in the chair such as Pandora, Netflix, and noise-cancelling headphones for ultimate comfort.

Intraoral Cameras

With the arrival of high-definition image capture technology, you now can see for yourself what’s going on inside your mouth. Our intraoral IRIS HD cameras capture images from your mouth’s interior and instantly transfer them to monitors that you can view from your dental chair. This new technology also helps Dr. Tran do an even better job of checking your teeth by magnifying the inside of your mouth more than 40 times.

Laser Cavity Detection

It used to be that dentists were able to detect tooth decay only when the cavities were large enough to show up on conventional X-rays. Those days have passed. The DIAGNOdent laser can find cavities while they are still small enough to be repaired without anesthesia or drilling.

Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays can be taken with up to 90% less radiation compared to traditional film x-rays. In addition, the images are instantly available for viewing on a chairside computer monitor and can be manipulated chairside to discern the intricate anatomy of your teeth.

Digital Impressions

With our iTero intraoral scanner, we have been able to eliminate the messy and unpredictable process of taking physical impressions for the vast majority of our crown and bridge and orthodontic dentistry. By eliminating the inherent inaccuracies of traditional impressions, our dentistry is much more accurate and the resulting quality of work is better than ever.

Dental Operating Microscope

In dentistry, being able to clearly visualize the operating field is critically important. With the addition of the dental microscope, Dr. Tran is able to perform dentistry with a precision that was previously not possible. Made with precise German engineering, the crystal clear optics and high-powered LED lighting provides an ability to see the finest anatomy for more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Our office will be closed for patients in observance of Memorial Day from Friday May 23rd to Tuesday May 28th. We will reopen for normal business at 7am on Wednesday May 29th. If you have a dental emergency and need to contact Dr. Tran, you may call or text him at 347-688-3054. Thanks and have a great holiday!
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