General Dentistry in Laurel, MD

Make your teeth healthy again

Microscope used for General Dentistry Laurel, MDTeeth not only reveal our inner beauty through beaming smiles, but they work hard every day to serve us as tools for eating and speaking. Everyone experiences wear, decay, or damage on their teeth at some point in life.

Dr. Tran and his team can restore your hardworking teeth to full function and beauty with the following services:

Composite Fillings

Also known as tooth-colored fillings or dental bonding, composites are made of a durable resin that stands up well to moderate chewing pressure. Unlike other types of fillings, composites blend in with the natural color of your teeth, so they’re virtually unnoticeable.


A crown is a common type of dental restoration that caps or encases teeth that have extensive structural damage. Crowns repair, strengthen, and improve the appearance of damaged teeth.  Crowns are typically made with modern, high-strength ceramics, which are very durable and can provide decades of reliable service.

Root Canal Therapy

If you are suffering from pain from an infected tooth, root canal therapy can bring you immediate relief.  This procedure involves removing the infected pulp tissue from a tooth and sealing the tooth to prevent future infection. Dr. Tran utilizes a high-powered dental microscope in order to view and properly treat the intricate root anatomy associated with your teeth.

Tooth Extractions

When a tooth becomes damaged, diseased, or decayed to the point where it cannot be saved, an extraction may be needed. Dr. Tran uses conservative and skilled extraction techniques that will preserve the surrounding tissues and reduce patient discomfort.